Bordeaux restaurant wine list

16 avril 2016

Bordeaux restaurant wine list

Régis Deltil,Cité du Vin(coming soon)


Régis Deltil could be set to take over all the others, as this is the man in charge of the wine list at the Cité du Vin, set to open this summer.

The restaurant there, Le 7, is reportedly going to have a cellar with 12,000 bottles of wine, and he will also oversee a wine shop with examples from over 80 producer countries worldwide. The Cité du Vin boutique will be housed in a 4-metre high circular space displaying around 10,000 bottles, with prices from €5 to €50, and the restaurant is set to offer the widest range by the glass in the city. It sounds like it could really transform the wine scene in Bordeaux, although the problem for Deltil is the very ambition that is set out here – to make this a truly global wine centre.

Since the Bordelais don’t have great form at importing the best that other countries have to offer, the tough part will be representing not just the countries themselves but the great producers – the big names and also the hungry, exciting newcomers. I’m looking forward to seeing how he does.


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